Magnolia Smoke is the first full-length album from Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective, and pre-orders are open from now until the 26th July. Choose from the five tiers to the left, or see our shop to find out more!


"The guitar work is exemplary...a rich, dark experience" - Blues Matters! Magazine

"An uneasy yet rewarding listen" - RnR Magazine

Some people would preserve the Blues as a museum piece: happy to keep trotting out the same guitar licks, the same three or four rhythms, the same tired cliches.

Ralph Beeby is on a mission to do the opposite: to experiment with new elements, to force some fresh air into the lungs of the genre, and keep pushing at the limits of what "The Blues" can be.

Come march with Ralph Beeby & the Elephant Collective to the darkest, strangest corners of the Blues.

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